Business-Savvy Counsel On Affordable Terms

General Outside Counsel For Small To Medium-Size Pennsylvania Businesses

GenCounsel is an innovative business platform that matches businesses with experienced attorneys who support legal executives as in-house advisers in large and small organizations, including companies, nonprofit organizations, trade associations, professional service firms and private equity funds.

Our focus is to provide general counsel services on a fractional – full-time or part-time – basis or for specific projects. Our clients’ organizations in various industries face situations such as:

  • Not having legal departments
  • Having insufficiently staffed legal departments
  • Having special projects imposed upon the legal team when they don’t have the appropriate skills or experience to handle them

For organizations with no in-house legal departments, our team:

  • Assists with routine legal and business matters
  • Supports executives who already work with outside counsel on more complicated matters
  • Provides additional support for in-house staff with increased workloads, whether cyclically or on a sustained basis

Effective general counsel services are highly pragmatic. Our talented attorneys have honed their skills in environments where business decisions are made in near real time and budgets are limited.

Our growing client list includes a wide range of corporations and limited liability companies focusing on technology, life sciences, services and manufacturing activities. Our lawyers also serve nonprofit entities, trade organizations, professional services and private equity firms.

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Our Value Proposition

GenCounsel provides clients with the opportunity to address their legal needs and requirements creatively and effectively. They have no need to take any of these self-defeating actions:

  • Hire a full-time in-house lawyer prematurely
  • Bring in traditional outside counsel at high hourly rates
  • Fill the gaps with staff members who are not experienced enough to handle the issues when the work to be done requires primary focus, skills  and knowledge

GenCounsel offers the following benefits for businesses looking for on-call in-house counsel-style legal assistance:

  • Experienced, proven executive-level legal and business advisers
  • Affordable high-level legal services at a fixed cost
  • Fixed monthly retainers well below the cost of traditional hourly rates at law firms
  • No overhead of adding a new person or new department
  • Down-the-hall services that are available to all at a business
  • A reduction of risk and increased effectiveness of the management team and business units
  • Broad connections in the business world, both locally and globally
  • Introductions to customers, investors, potential board members and other key service providers
  • Management of aspects of a business that no one else has the skills or experience to manage

Through GenCounsel, organizations obtain the services of professionals who have well-developed legal skills and invaluable experience working directly in business settings where practical calls must be made with sound judgment and in real time.

With a cost-effective and affordable fixed-price structure, we offer the exact amount of time and level of support that is appropriate for our executive clients and their organizations.

Learn More About Our In-House Counsel Services For Business Owners

Through our business model of offering general counsel services to other businesses, our lawyers at GenCounsel take burdens off of owners, managers and officers at Pennsylvania companies and corporations.

To schedule a consultation, call 610-850-6118 or send an email inquiry for a prompt and thoughtful response.