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General Outside Counsel For Corporations In Need Of Governance Direction

The leaders of a corporation, such as CEOs, longtime shareholders and presidents, have a vested interest in seeing the corporation prosper. But, their hands are often too full for them to manage the nuts and bolts of corporate governance with the attention to detail that it deserves. Large corporations sometimes relegate these responsibilities to their in-house counsel, but smaller companies may lack that resource. Outside counsel can fill the bill.

GenCounsel is a business in the Philadelphia metro area that provides small to midsize businesses with the outside general counsel and support that they need to keep their corporate governance in order.

What Corporate Governance Is About

Corporate governance spells out the rules, practices and processes that make up a company’s culture. It guides and informs stakeholders, including shareholders, managers, customers, suppliers, financing lenders and the community at large. Corporate governance is designed to promote transparency, integrity and action plans that translate principles into performance.

Our corporate law attorneys at GenCounsel are carefully matched to align with the needs of clients. These clients are corporations that seek outside general counsel to design and oversee their corporate governance. Time and again, our lawyers are especially helpful to boards of directors when clarification of any legal aspects of corporate governance becomes critical.

Balance The Interests Of Your Corporation’s Shareholders

Does your corporation need to elect officers, raise capital or measure performance objectively? Whatever issues are in the way of your corporation’s path to success, turn to GenCounsel.

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