Business-Savvy Counsel On Affordable Terms

Employment Contracts And Other Legal Necessities Of Employers

When a sole proprietorship or a partnership begins to expand, employee relationships become part of everyday business operations. It is often at this point that business owners and managers realize their need for readily available legal counsel. For small and medium-size businesses, general outside counsel arrangements can meet employment law needs cost effectively.

GenCounsel is a business that offers outside general counsel services at affordable prices for small to midsize businesses that lack their own in-house counsel. Our employment law attorneys join forces with clients who determine the extent of the attorney-client relationships that will lead them forward.

How On-Call Employment Lawyers Can Help Businesses Stay Legally Sound

Our lawyers assist clients with a wide range of legal services pertaining to employment, including the following:

  • Employment onboarding and severance contracts
  • Policy design and implementation
  • Employee handbooks in print or online
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Responses to allegations of discrimination, wage and hour violations, and alleged workplace injuries
  • Payroll deductions and other financial obligations of employers

Our employment law attorneys provide guidance in all aspects and phases of employment law solutions such as those named above. They draw on more than a decade of experience as both in-house and outside general counsel for multimillion-dollar businesses as well as smaller ones.

Explore Options In Employment Law Counsel

You and your small business in Pennsylvania have options beyond hiring lawyers for individual needs or hiring an in-house attorney. With affordable fee structures, our general outside counsel lawyers provide the same caliber of services that one might expect from an in-house attorney.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer at GenCounsel about your employment law needs, call 610-850-6118 or send an email inquiry.