Business-Savvy Counsel On Affordable Terms

Tapping Outside Counsel For Assistance With Commercial Contracts

Small to medium-size businesses in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania may be able to get along without legal counsel for periods of time, but when it’s time to create or formalize a commercial contract, an owner, manager or chief financial officer often recognizes the need for an attorney’s guidance.

For smaller businesses, commercial contracts remind fiduciaries of the value of general outside counsel. Activities involving contracts have a way of coming in waves. Hiring a lawyer for each contract can get expensive compared to the budget-friendly method of having regular access to an attorney through a set arrangement. That’s a service that GenCounsel provides to clients.

Drafting Contracts

With general outside counsel on hand, there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time a company needs to create a new contract. Our attorneys help business clients ensure that the contracts that they use provide protection as well as enticement for customers and others to agree to sign them without delay.

Reviewing Contracts

Before signing a contract, it is important for whoever is responsible for it to understand all its ramifications. With lawyers from GenCounsel on call, a business owner or manager can have reassurance about a contract’s soundness before committing company resources by signing it.

Negotiating Contracts

Both parties to a contract have the right to understand its terms, raise objections and propose adjustments before signing. With one of our lawyers on call to negotiate leases, sales contracts, construction contracts and employment contracts, a business’s officers can be more certain of the appropriacy of the contract.

Bring Contract Needs And Concerns To Our Attention

Our team is ready to deliver legal services that are just the right sizes to meet the needs of your company with regard to contracts. It will help you devise a payment plan and a predictable schedule for our attorneys to serve as general outside counsel for your organization.

To schedule a consultation regarding any aspect of a business contract in Pennsylvania, call 610-850-6118 or contact us online.