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Legal Support For Data Privacy Practices

Protecting private information is essential for a company’s reputation as well as for legal reasons. Both customers’ and companies’ data must be kept secure for a business to continue to thrive in today’s digitally powered world.

Large companies and corporations may get the help and direction they need to protect data privacy from companies that manage their websites. But is it enough? Who will police those external operators if necessary? In-house counsel with skills and insights pertaining to cybersecurity can provide much-needed guidance.

Small to midsize businesses may look to hire outside counsel as well as computerization experts for these purposes. GenCounsel is a Philadelphia metro area-based organization that offers smaller businesses these services on a piecemeal or subscription basis.

What Data Privacy Attorneys Can Do For Your Company

Our cybersecurity lawyers at GenCounsel can advise your organization and help you implement practices designed to protect:

  • Customers’ personal information
  • Business partners’ and shareholders’ data
  • Proprietary information, including trade secrets

Cybersecurity practices may include rules and strategies such as the following:

  • Keeping and protecting hardcopy files
  • Digitizing existing hardcopies as backups

Data privacy principles, practices and processes may include vigilance over ways in which digitally collected information is handled at each step of its journey – namely, how it is:

  • Collected and transferred
  • Processed and accessed
  • Stored and protected

With years of experience as in-house and outside counsel for major corporations, our lawyers at GenCounsel are prepared to advise on all legal issues associated with data collection and processing by online merchants and other types of organizations.

Get The Legal Advice Your Organization Needs To Keep Data Safe

Call GenCounsel or send an online inquiry to learn how a general outside counsel arrangement can help your company stay on top of data privacy as well as other essential aspects of your company or corporation in Pennsylvania.