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Protecting Business Assets Through Intellectual Property Tools

It is not enough to have a brilliant business plan, secure funding and begin to build a new or expanded venture. A business or nonprofit organization must also keep control of new assets through legal tools and strategies for protecting intellectual property (IP).

A business law attorney can be an invaluable partner for guiding an organization through proven methods of securing inside knowledge contained in IP assets. Small to medium-size businesses in Pennsylvania can turn to GenCounsel for access to attorneys who are well versed in all available IP solutions.

IP Solutions That Work

Our clients, including business owners and nonprofit organization leaders, can depend on our referral and staffing services. We provide lawyers who fulfill the role of in-house counsel for small to medium-size businesses that lack their own attorneys.

Our team is available to advise and assist businesses and nonprofit organizations in the procurement of IP protection instruments and methods, including:

  • Registration of trademarks, trade secrets and trade dress
  • Registration and enforcement of copyrights
  • Prosecution of patents
  • Drafting and signing of noncompete agreements (NCAs) and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)

As general outside counsel, our lawyers provide legal solutions that give our clients tools to implement with confidence and the guidance they are looking for from the start to the finish of an action plan.

About The Purposes And Promise Of IP Protection For Businesses

Our business as general outside counsel is helping businesses secure their ideas so that they can capitalize on them and protect them during all stages of development of a new or expanded organization.

To schedule a consultation with one of our IP attorneys who provide general outside counsel services, call 610-850-6118 or send an email inquiry.