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When Your Pennsylvania Business Needs Outside General Counsel

Turn to GenCounsel to learn about the convenience and value of our outside general counsel services for businesses. Owners, managers and officers at small to medium-size businesses benefit from this type of arrangement, which can make business operations more efficient and tailored to a specific industry.

What Is Outside General Counsel?

Legal services that cover a wide range of needs on an ongoing basis for a business are often referred to as general counsel. Large corporations tend to have in-house counsel, but small to medium-size companies typically do not. They still have legal needs though, so they require an alternative to in-house counsel.

Outside general counsel refers to attorneys brought in temporarily or on a part-time basis. The outside attorneys may follow a regular schedule, or they may be available to respond to on-call requests. This is also referred to as fractional general counsel.

The Benefits Of Outside General Counsel

Lawyers reporting for duty as outside general counsel at small businesses can effectively address a wide range of legal issues with schedules featuring built-in flexibility. Since some businesses may need a few hours of legal help one month and 20 hours the next, cost-effectiveness allows for such discrepancies. Many new and established small to midsize businesses simply do not need to invest in their own 40-hour-a-week in-house attorney. Outside general counsel may fill the bill just fine.

Legal Issues That Can Be Addressed By Outside General Counsel

In theory, outside general counsel may take on any legal needs within a company. Attorneys providing outside general counsel tend to be most useful for the following issues:

Practically any transactional matter, such as commercial contract negotiations, can be resolved and brought to completeness with the assistance of skilled and efficient lawyers serving as outside general counsel.

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