Business-Savvy Counsel On Affordable Terms

Funding Business Goals Means Fueling Dreams And Spurring Action

A brilliant business plan is essential to the success of a fresh venture, and fundraising is an essential component. Business law attorneys often play a key role in fundraising to help ensure that no antitrust laws or other regulations are violated in the process. Large corporations can rely on their in-house counsel for this important step, but small and medium-size businesses sometimes wonder to whom they can turn for such services. The answer may be general outside counsel.

At GenCounsel, our attorneys offer guidance fortified by experience. They advise business clients as if they were true partners because they are. If our clients succeed, our reputation grows along with referrals and repeat business as well.

Finding The Pot Of Gold At The Beginning Of The Rainbow

Venture capital, preferred stock offerings and convertible debt fundraising are all ways to get a new project off the ground financially, such as:

  • A business startup
  • A company expansion
  • The addition of personnel, offices, stores, factories or warehouses
  • A merger or acquisition

In a nutshell, when a business client has a vision, our team helps them raise the money to make it happen. This process may include:

  • Passing on referrals of potential investment sources
  • Drafting and formalizing contracts
  • Protecting our client’s rights and interests through all phases of fundraising and launching a growth plan

Our attorneys welcome inquiries from individuals and organizations at all stages of fundraising, from brainstorming to securing a deal. They are also there to assist in cases when business failures thwart the plans. Their aim is to help clients limit exposure to losses in such situations.

Get Answers, Direction And Money

While we do not invest financially in businesses, our lawyers accompany clients through all phases of securing and implementing investments to their best advantage. For example, if a business expansion includes changes to corporate governance structures, we offer full-service legal counsel to put all pieces of the puzzle in order.

To schedule a consultation with one of our growth-minded outside general counsel attorneys, call 610-850-6118 or send an email inquiry.