Business-Savvy Counsel On Affordable Terms


“We hired Ryan as our general counsel in June 2013, and he’s since become an indispensable part of our senior team. His skills and expertise go far beyond just being a lawyer handling our “day-to-day” legal needs.

Not only does Ryan meticulously manage our investor issues, commercial contracts, HR and outside counsel, he has also been an invaluable asset to us on higher level initiatives and recently helped lead us through a very successful round of Series A financing. It has changed our views and expectations of what a great lawyer can do for us; Ryan has become a trusted adviser to myself and our business.

Our relationship works so well because we treat each other as valued partners. Ryan cares deeply about our business and it shows in how responsive he is to our needs and issues. It’s never about billable hours or being nickel and dimed; we simply work together to make Skipta better. Unlike more traditional lawyers, Ryan continues to find new ways to meet our needs and add value to the organization.

I would highly recommend Ryan to any business that is looking for a talented, business-minded and cost-effective solution to handling all of their legal needs. I’m confident that he can add value to any organization in the same way that he has done for Skipta.”

-Dr. Theodore Search, Founder & CEO, Skipta LLC

“We’ve had a great experience working with our GenCounsel attorney, Ryan. He’s been an invaluable resource and extremely supportive of our growth. From structuring the relationship among our co-founders to negotiating and closing our angel round of financing, Ryan has handled all of our legal needs in a responsive, pragmatic and cost-effective manner.”

“For us, working with GenCounsel was the best of both worlds. We were able to hire a lawyer with big firm experience/ability but who had the responsiveness and value-added approach of an entrepreneurial solo practitioner. Ryan was always available (even on nights and weekends) as we undertook the all-important task of raising our first round of financing. Rather than speaking endlessly in legalese, Ryan always gave us practical and actionable advice as we closed the round of financing and got ready to take our company to the next level. Most importantly, he demonstrated that he could go toe-to-toe with bigger firms and more than hold his own.”

“In addition, GenCounsel was able to work with us on a flat fee basis. We knew exactly what our legal spend was going to be from Day 1, and that allowed the entire team to work together seamlessly without worrying about ballooning legal costs or being nickel and dimed along the way. For an early stage company, having that certainty was incredibly valuable.”

-Raavi Iqbal, Founder and CEO

“Our GenCounsel attorney is that rare combination of a super talented business executive wrapped in an extraordinary legal mind.  Our GenCounsel attorney provides our company with strategic counsel spanning our entire business needs – capital funding, technology licensing, business partnerships, human capital and strategic direction.”

– Brad W. Blumberg,  CEO, Smarter Agent

GenCounsel has provided a tremendous value proposition in that I have been able to access senior-level, multidisciplinary legal counsel on a cost-effective “as-needed” basis. Mr. Feder’s cross-competency in legal and business matters has made a positive contribution to our efforts.”

– Peter Miller, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Binswanger

“Our GenCounsel attorney has worked on several projects and companies with us, and he has been extremely responsive and works within our often compressed timelines being in the high-growth industries that we are in. He has a very deep knowledge of the transaction market and how to efficiently structure this into the appropriate legal framework while keeping the business issues at the top of mind to get things worked out the correct way. He has also been excellent with our customer contracts and is helpful in getting us to the right person if we have needs that are out of our normal course of business.”

– Ned Moore, CEO, Tech Company

Our GenCounsel attorney is a very experienced lawyer with a deep knowledge of corporate finance, SEC reporting, and regulatory matters related to healthcare and life sciences businesses. We have worked closely together as colleagues and with him as a trusted legal adviser. He has consistently demonstrated his keen legal knowledge and ability to think and analyze as much as a business person as a thoughtful and experienced lawyer.”

-Jay Roberts, Former CFO, Infologix

GenCounsel attorneys are experienced, business savvy attorneys, especially for emerging growth companies!”

– Richard Thatcher, Investment Banker, Managing Partner, Fairmont Partners

“Our GenCounsel attorney was a trusted adviser to our company serving as our in-house counsel. He has a high degree of integrity and provided timely advice and alternatives to the projects that he worked on with me. It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future.”

-Mark Pollock, Former CFO, Portico Systems